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What is Your Hair Care Style?

We all have our own routine when it comes to hair care. Some like it fast and uncomplicated, others have a deeper bond with such things and prefer to invest extra time in their mane. What are your preferences?

Good hair care begins with the right attitude. Not only the variety of products or the amounts used are important here. You also need to find the golden mean for you and your hair. Are you a minimalist, pragmatist or perhaps a specialist? We introduce the three different hair care types and offer tips for how you can improve your habits.

The Minimalist

The minimalist uses a small number of products and generally cares only about the individual hair care essentials. Perhaps she is short on time or does not want to invest too much. Her motto is 'less is more'. A good shampoo is all you need for healthy hair – so she tells herself.

Caution: Environmental influences such as UV light and low temperatures stress the hair, which means extra care is essential now and then.

Hair care recommendation: The minimalist should add a conditioner to her daily care routine, and apply a hair treatment at least once a week. It supplies the hair with nourishing ingredients and protects it against external influences. Products that work quickly yet ensure optimum results are ideal for this hair care type.

The Pragmatist

The pragmatist is aware of her hair problems but seldom does anything about them. She has a healthy but practical attitude towards her own hair care. A fresh hair colour and attractive volume are important to her. She focuses on results but rarely pays attention to the long-term effects of hair care.

Caution: While the hair may appear outwardly healthy, a lack of proper care can lead to problems like split ends and dryness over time.

Hair care recommendation: The pragmatist should be sure to use the right products for individual hair problems, apply them as often as needed and not shy away from trying new things. Optimum care and correcting hair problems are only possible with regular use.

The Specialist

The care specialist pampers herself and her hair with a variety of special care products. She pays close attention to ingredients and constantly searches for innovations in the hair care cosmos. This hair care type is very passionate about her mane and always wants to optimise hair care.

Caution: Applying the products correctly is important. No matter how good the ingredients are, they can only unfold their full care performance with proper use.

Hair care recommendation: Being a care specialist is time-consuming. Fast-acting products that speed up care when needed are sure to be very helpful for this hair care type.