Unique Formula

The Deep Sea Extracts

beology´s sensorial formulas enclose a unique dose of deep sea extracts & work together for a personalised step-by-step regimen.


The unique ingredients originating from the Gulf of California, grow at 2000 m depth, under extreme conditions:


A toxic environment full of free radicals with little to no oxygen,no light and temperatures of up to 75°C  with high pressure.


The deep sea extracts strengthen the hair fiber and reconstruct the hair.


The extract also has a potent action on the scalp for protection, re-lipidation,ceramide production & hydration levels.

The Anti-Ox Algae

Laminaria Saccharina is cultivated in the first BALTIC SEAWEED FARM at the German Baltic coast.


The Baltic Sea is known as one of the best controlled marine ecosystem with a high cultivation standard.


Marine biologists have developed CULTIVATION TECHNIQUES ensuring highly controlled quality standards to preserve nutrients from the algae.


THE Anti- OX Algae is known for its good anti-oxidant properties.


Additionally its main benefits are:


Anti-bacterial action, body detoxification and stimulation of the skin cells responsible for collagen production.

A unique range Fragrance:

beology´s premium fragrance is an elegant flower bouquet with extracts of Jasmine,Hyacinth & Heliotrope and a caring warm base of Cedarwood, Vanilla & Tonka Bean.